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As part of 360° GSS's all-inclusive solutions, we provide an extensive range of training services worldwide.


360° GSS training team includes professional instructors, specializing in specific security and protection fields, ensuring the implementation of professional knowledge that meets the customer's needs in the best and most prompt manner possible.

Personal security
  • Possible measures to cease a threat

  • Combat methods with firearms and cold steel

  • Unarmed combat skills (KRAV - MAGA)

  • Combat shooting

  • Undercover team training

  • Commander officer training

Intelligence officers
  • Surveillance and surveillance detection training

  • Business intelligence training

  • Operating agents and sources

  • Anti-terror training specializing in aviation

  • Designated special security units:

            - Anti-terror motorcycles unit

            - Counter-terrorism unit

Aviation Security
  • Security check-up terminal operator training

  • Security officers training emphasizing on aviation threats and regulatory restriction



All workshops are part of the measures practiced by secret operational services and adapted to business environment.


Apart of being valuable to the participant, the workshops provide a "taste of the secret world" and encourage creative thinking:


  • Detection trailing and security behavior workshop


  • Real-time decision making in the course of emergency


All workshops are designed for managers and service providers.




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