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360° GSS provides all-inclusive security solutions designed for answering specific needs of exclusive clients, in Israel and abroad.

In an era of increasing global terrorism, when both our personal and collective security as Israelis is no longer self-evident, 360° GSS's objective is to forestall and prevent terror threats and others, by means of all-embracing security solutions.


360° GSS integrates exclusive technological and operational solutions, through manpower instruction and training, establishment of special units, etc.


Furthermore, 360° GSS incorporates lectures practicing security domains, as well as field workshops in the business arena using undercover security spheres' tools and skills, offered to Israelis that spend a significant amount of time overseas.


All 360° GSS's solutions are carried out in compliance with all laws and regulations in countries where they occur, without exception



Founder and CEO


360° GSS was founded by a crisis management expert that acquired vast professional and managerial knowledge and experience throughout years of working in the framework of the Ministry of Defense (Israel Security Agency) and in an elite intelligence unit in the IDF






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